Sample Pathwork Lecture

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 200
1996 Edition
April 21, 1972


Greetings! Blessings and help are given to you. Love and strength are pouring forth. The divine kernel is in every one of you. The aim of living is to realize this, to know who you really are, to remember. Once you know your true self, which is divine heritage, you will no longer fear or suffer. The pathwork in which I guide you helps, by its various approaches, to eliminate the obstacles to finding out who you are.

These are mere words for most human beings; only after you have overcome certain obstacles can you occasionally experience your true identity. In tonight's lecture I should like to discuss one of the experiences you may have when you begin to glimpse your true identity. I want to prepare you to understand the meaning of this experience so that you do not reject its magnificence by trying to fit it into the mold of the usual human experience -- that would destroy it and make its reoccurrence more difficult. The purpose of this lecture is also to help you attain your true identity sooner and to eliminate the purely mental obstacles.

I wish to discuss a very specific feeling, a feeling that is rarely recognized because it transcends the usual human being's experience of feelings. Within the spectrum of human emotion there is none higher and closer to divine reality than love. The feeling I wish to discuss is beyond love. Since it is a generally very rare human experience, except to the few people who reach full self-realization, it has no name.

I have spoken about many manifestations that accompany self-realization. I have spoken about how the channel opens to receive increasing wisdom and intelligence of such magnitude that all problems can be resolved. The solutions come forth in an all-inclusive way. No loose ends remain. I have discussed how you find within yourself a new creative power that can supply you with any fulfillment, any self-expression, any joy you wish. They are all close at hand, ready to be realized. I have discussed the beauty of the universe that you automatically discover: a universe in which all is well and nothing needs to be feared, in which you will find a sense of wholeness and of eternal life, the power of healing and emotional fulfillment on the deepest possible level. But I have never discussed one particular feeling, though it is implicit in everything else I said -- for in your true being all is one: your experiences are no longer separated and fragmented, just as you are no longer an entity separate from God. As your outer, hitherto split-off little intellect will become one with the greater intelligence that dwells within, so will all experiences be one and merely have different facets.

In your present state of development, you can think one thing, feel another, will something else, and even act in yet another way. This terrible fragmentation is the most painful and confusing state imaginable. Its cure lies wholly in your innermost self where you will find the eternal presence of God.

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Louis Davis